Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daily: No votes yet. Peeps, I am disappoint.

Enough of memes, I encourage y'all to vote pls. I will serve lolcats or other things that you demand as incentives for your participation. Interact with me, man. I feel so lonely...

Jay-kay, as the snooty popular girls would always lavishly add after a great pause when aiming to be humorous. It's great how I am working in an internship with more hours, less pay, worse food and a smaller department (namely me and my boss. And for now my very much gay co-intern PP, who will be there for three weeks and then return to wonderfully sunny Portugal) and yet meet up with people at a higher frequency. The one benefit of the actual workplace is that there's a number of interns that are roughly my age, and we have lunch together regularly so I don't feel quite as out of place as before (although I secretly fear they are all emotionally more mature than me because none of them live at home, and they all seem to go clubbing regularly. Oh the trials and tribulations of adulthood).

Well, I still urge you to place votes for WYM. I do like just putting music out there and everything, but it would be nice if I knew that what I'm offering is something people appreciate. If not, well. I guess at least I have proof that I have an eclectic taste which is cool because I'd love to end up an eclectic person (isn't everyone a little eclectic, actually? And I think I've gone over the official socially acceptable number of uses of eclectic in a paragraph. I've even gone a little crazy with my use of c-words!)

Other than that, I wanted to get some exercise and stroll today but the weather didn't cooperate so I stayed cooped up in the office because I had packed lunch today (You have received: an orange, an apple, a breadroll with margarine and cheese, a flask of tap water). I need to get on top of things with smuggling tea bags into the kitchenette or something. I'm sick of tap water (which I will need to learn to prevent me from going insane in England, where I hear there is no large demand for sparkling water. Supposedly the States are the same, but at least it's up for sale there. Only who am I - not Ms Moneybags - to spend extra money on drinking water?)

Alright. No more odd ramblings. Instead, feast your ears to the newest chapter of "Nessie Reads Pride and Prejudice". A word of advice. Instead of crackles we've switched to warbles in the background. Thank Audacity. Till I get things figured out (read: get a better microphone to get a better recording, because switching up effects and whatnot ain't really helping jack), I guess warbles it is.


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